System Options
The Quick Launch Interface provides a high-speed connection option for the AR-32A programming unit to a portable host machine with an ExpressCard slot. ExpressCard has become the interface of choice for high speed data transfers, especially video cards, as it connects directly to the processor bus. The Quick Launch package includes both a High Speed Interface Card plus our latest software installed on a USB drive. Since the card connects to the processor bus, it provides two unique operational options: you can perform a standard Windows install or you can run a complete programmer/software system, including all kits, outside of the Windows environment (Windows not running). With this option you insert the card and USB drive into the host machine and reboot. The computer boots from the USB drive and starts the system software. With the USB drive, files can be conveniently loaded or saved. When you're finished simply remove the card and USB drive then reboot.
logic-test probe

TRAVEL CASE - Part #CASE32A- $69.00
The Andromeda Research Organization and Travel Case allows you to keep your programming unit, adapters, clips and probes plus more in one organized package. The case is fabricated using sturdy, high quality, industrial grade material including a rugged carry strap. When closed, the cover latches in place using quick release parachute clips. Inside, the case is divided into three pockets; one large specifically for the programming unit, a second with sufficient space for adapters, clips and probes plus a third for smaller items.
Travel case
The CBL12DC allows the AR-32A programming unit to be powered from a standard 12 VOLT DC vehicle accessory connector. If your requirments involve on-site vehicle service, reprogramming or reflashing, the capability of operating the programming unit from the vehicle power source is a convenient option. The cable includes a fused plug assembly with replacable fuse which is inserted into the vehicle for power. The opposite cable end is terminated with the standard AR-32A compatible plug.
Automotive Power Cable
LOGIC/TEST PROBE - Part #LP-1- $139.00
The LP-1 Logic/Test probe is a tool designed to identify in-circuit programming issues before communication problems occur. In-circuit (the parts are not removed from the board) reading and programming of serial eeproms and microcontrollers requires that two conditions be met before successful communication with the part can occur. The first condition is that the programming equipment generate signals sufficient to drive the appropriate part pins. The second is that valid logic levels (0 or 1) are present on pins necessary for communication to be established. This is most common with microcontrollers. The LP-1 allows you to test for both issues before you encounter a part with which you cannot communicate. (additional information)
logic-test probe