Tools for the Automotive Locksmith
Todays automotive locksmith encounters a variety of vehicle security issues. A common customer problem is lost keys, a failed immobilizer or defective ECU. Regardless of the vehicle, in order to solve the problem, the automotive locksmith must be able to retrieve key security information or reprogram the memory chip inside the module itself (immobilizer or ECU). The memory part which stores the key data sequence is called an EEPROM. EEPROM stands for "E"lectrically "E"rasable "P"rogrammable "R"ead "O"nly "M"emory. This is a memory technology which has a unique characteristic; it does not loose its data when power is removed. The work of an automotive locksmith usually involves one of two procedures; REFLASHING or EEPROM WORK.
REFLASHING - Reflashing is a proven technique where a vehicle immobilizer is programmed with a special file which restores the EEPROM to the original factory values (same condition as a new immobilizer). After reflashing and reinstallation, the vehicle will be in "learn mode" and able to accept new keys. Reflashing is commonly used on Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Acura vehicles.
EEPROM WORK - EEPROM work is a term used by automotive locksmiths to describe working with the data stored in the eeprom itself to create or add keys. Unlike reflashing, this technique applies to a wide variety of vehicles. EEPROM work requires a tool (locksmith kit) which is capable of reading data from an eeprom and saving it to a file. The file is then passed to a "Transponder Programmer" the function of which is to use the eeprom data file to make the key. The key is guaranteed to start the car since it was created directly from the original eeprom data. EEPROM work is a different procedure, but once mastered, is faster and more profitable since it takes much less time to provide a replacement key for the customer.
Below are several examples of the many vehicle modules supported by the Locksmith Kits.
locksmith kit eeprom modules
Andromeda Research offers two locksmith kits. Kit#1 (#KLS-1) is targeted specifically at immobilizers, ECUs and other modules which use 8 pin EEPROMs as the data storage device. Kit#2 (#KLS-2), in addition to EEPROMs, adds support for microcontrollers such as those found in the BMW EWS (photo), TOYOTA DELCO ECU, SAAB TWICE module and more. Both kits include the clip and probes required to connect to the parts in-circuit (not removed from the board). The kits also include a Toyota/Lexus synchronization block to sync the reflashed immobilizer to the vehicle ECU plus a set of Honda/Acura BLACK and RED keys which match the kit reflash file.
locksmith reflashing and reprogramming package
Many locksmiths have years of experience with the vehicle lock mechanisms but have been hesitant to work with EEPROM technology. To address this, Andromeda Research provides with our locksmith kits a hands-on, step-by-step tutorial which includes an actual 93C56 eeprom. The 93C56, which is commonly found in immobilizers and ECUs, is preprogrammed with automotive data. With the tutorial you will perform a series of exercises designed to teach you how the system works including immobilizer reflashing, PIN code extraction plus eeprom reading and programming. Our goal is to strip away the mystery and educate you about this technology using a time proven technique; learn by doing.
eeprom training tutorial
LOCKSMITH KIT SPECIAL APPLICATIONS - The locksmith kits are based on the proven technology of the KBC-1 and KBC-2 automotive packages. Each locksmith kit includes everything provided in an automotive package plus the special locksmith applications in the system librarian. These applications are specifically designed to address the needs of immobilizer reflashing, PIN extraction and EEPROM work. In addition there are librarian documentation entries which explain how to attach to the EEPROM (see right) and confirm that you are getting a good read. Also how to save the data read from an EEPROM to a file plus how to program a new file back into the EEPROM chip. The librarian is a versatile software feature which also allows you to create your own files and entries.
locksmith immobilizer reflashing and reprogramming screen
IMMOBILIZER REFLASHING - The librarian immobilizer reflash application removes the need to locate a specific reflash file then load the file and program the chip. To use the reflash application you simply enter the LOCKSMTH directory with the librarian. Locate and hi-lite the vehicle manufacturer. TOYOTA is shown in the example (right). Press the TAB key and place the cursor on the line with the model and year of the vehicle with which you are working. Press F6 to execute the data on the line (chip number and reflash file). Now press F3 then P to program the reflash file into the immobilizer chip. You're done. The librarian has the instructions at the top of the information pane. NOTE: Kit reflash files support all reflashable Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Acura vehicles. (1997 and UP).
vehicle eeprom reflashing and reprogramming screen
EEPROM WORK - EEPROM work is the process of creating a key from the information contained in the vehicle immobilizer module or ECU. The procedure uses the locksmith kit to read the data from the eeprom and save the data to a file. Once the file is created, it is passed to a "Transponder Programmer" or "Key Cloner" which processes the file and creates a key. There are several different transponder programmers (Tango, Zed-Bull, MiraClone, AD900) which are capable of creating a key from the eeprom data file. While all transponder programmers as similar, they do not have identical capabilities and each should be evaluated on its own merits. The illustration on the right shows the procedure using a SAAB CIM module where the locksmith kit reads the 93LC66A eeprom.
vehicle eeprom reflashing and reprogramming screen
The librarian also includes procedures and examples for locating and extracting a PIN directly from the eeprom data field. The example on the right shows how a PIN is located in the data field read from a Chrysler SKREEM module using the Pacifica system. These modules are found in the Caravan/Voyager, Pacifica, Town & Country plus the Jeep Liberty. The librarian lists the simple, step-by-step procedure, using the buffer editor in word mode to execute a PIN search. Once located you to view the PIN in the correct sequence, not reversed. The PIN in the example image is 2427 (see bottom of image). You may also edit the PIN or virginize the SKREEM. PIN examples are also provided for IZUZU and VW.
Create new keys directly from the eeprom data field
MAKING KEYS DIRECTLY FROM THE DATA FIELD - In addition to PIN extraction, the librarian provides examples which show where key sequences are stored in the EEPROM data field. You can use this information with a transponder programmer to create new keys without reflashing the immobilizer. This is also EEPROM work and is done by entering the hex key values directly using the keypad on the transponder programmer. There are examples for Toyota (Delco) and HONDA (example on right). New examples are easily added to the librarian. New librarian files can be downloaded as they become available or you can create your own. There are no subscription or update charges to keep your kit current. You never have to send it back and pay for an update.
Create new keys directly from the eeprom data field
LOCKSMITH KIT#1 - Part#KLS-1 - $499.00
LOCKSMITH KIT#1 provides everything you need to work with 8 pin EEPROMs found in immobilizers and ECUs. If you are a locksmith who would like to be introduced to EEPROM technology or one who already has experience, Kit#1 allows you to work with all 8 pin EEPROMs both in-circuit (soldered to the board) or removed (unsoldered) from the module using the optional OUT-OF-CIRCUIT clamshell adapter (#ASOIC8S). The kit includes the programming unit (#AR-32A) with software, the In-Circuit EEPROM adapter (#ASERSM1A), the surface mount chip clip (#ASOIC8), the surface mount probe set (#SMP8), a Toyota/Lexus synchronization block (required to synchronize the reflashed immobilizer to the ECU), Honda/Acura RED and BLACK keys plus the hands-on tutorial with locksmith librarian applications.
immobilizer eeprom
locksmith immobilizer eeprom reflashing kit locksmith immobilizer eeprom and microcontroller based modules
LOCKSMITH KIT#2 - Part#KLS-2 - $639.00
LOCKSMITH KIT#2 includes everything you need to work with 8 pin EEPROMs and microcontrollers found in immobilizers and ECUs. Kit#2 is designed for the locksmith who wishes to work with the more advanced technology of microcontroller EEPROM. Microcontrollers are found in immobilizers such as the BMW EWS and TOYOTA DELCO ECU. Kit#2 allows you to work with all 8 pin EEPROMs and microcontrollers in-circuit (soldered to the board). You may also work with eeproms which have been removed (unsoldered) from the module using the optional OUT-OF-CIRCUIT clamshell adapter (#ASOIC8S). The kit includes the programming unit (#AR-32A) with software, the In-Circuit EEPROM adapter (#ASERSM1A), the microcontroller adapter (#ACOM2), the surface mount chip clip (#ASOIC8), the surface mount probe set (#SMP8), a Toyota/Lexus synchronization block (required to synchronize the immobilizer to the ECU), Honda/Acura BLACK and RED keys plus the hands-on tutorial with locksmith librarian applications.
immobilizer eeprom and microcontroller
locksmith reflashing package for eeproms and microcontrollers locksmith reflashing package for eeproms and microcontrollers
Part#PPS8 - $239.00
The PRECISION PROBE SET allows connection to EEPROM and microcontroller packages which are too small for attachment using the SMP8 probe set. The PPS8 is the only connection option for these ultra small , fine lead pitch packages. The PPS8 plug attaches to both the ASERSM1A and ACOM2 adapters. (additional information)
locksmith precision probe set for microcontrollers
DIP CLIP - Part#ADIP8 - $69.00
The DIP CLIP allows connection to EEPROMs which are fabricated in a DUAL IN-LINE (DIP) package. DIP packaged parts are larger than surface mount devices and have pins which are inserted into holes in the circuit board. (also called "through hole") DIP packaged parts appeared before surface mount. They are found in some modules but are not common. (additional information)
locksmith DIP clip for immobilizer reprogramming
If you have taken a soldering class and prefer to work with the eeprom after it has been removed from the module circuit assembly, the ASOIC8S adapter allows the eeprom to be placed into a high quality clamshell socket. With the eeprom installed, the clamshell top closes to hold the chip in place. The ASOIC8S then mates to the ASERSM1A adapter.
Programmer power plug for vehicle accessory connector
AccuTouch Probe - Part#ATPB1 - $139.00
The AccuTouch probe provides a quick-connect option for 8 pin (SOIC) surface mount serial eeproms. Unlike a clip, the probe is held in place while reading or programming a part. Each probe pin tip incorporates a 4 point crown design which offers good sealant penetration plus a wide connection footprint. An alignment notch allows accurate positioning of the probe over the chip package. Once in place, you press straight down until the notch ends touch the circuit board with the pins contacting the leads. A red mark on the end of the notch marks pin #1.
AccuTouch probe
Subaru BIU Probe Set - Part#SPS4 - $95.00
The Subaru BIU (Body Integrated Unit) Probe Set is specifically designed to avoid the difficult issues presented by both desoldering or direct connection to the micro eeprom (MSOP package) frequently found on this module. The probe set requires only four connections to the circuit assembly: two pin probes which are friction pressed into specific locations plus two standard probes which are attached to existing test connector holes. There is no cleaning required. Once the assembly is removed from the case and mounted vertically in a vise, the entire connection process takes less than 60 seconds. As with all of our connection options, the probe set terminates with a standard plug which attaches to the ASERSM1A adapter for in-circuit access. The package includes the probe set, a laminated card with step-by-step instructions and connection point photos plus a storage case. (customer comment)
Subaru BIU probe set
Part#CASE32A - $59.00
The AR-32A TRAVEL CASE allows you to keep your programming unit, adapters and connecting cables organized and ready to go. The case includes a latching protective cover and carrying strap. It is fabricated using high quality material and includes two front pockets, one large for adapters and cables; one smaller for less bulky items. (additional information)
Locksmith kit travel case
Part#CBL12DC - $29.00
The CBL12DC allows the AR-32A programming unit to be powered from a standard 12 VOLT DC vehicle accessory connector. The cable includes a fused plug assembly with replacable fuse which is inserted into the vehicle for power. The opposite cable end is terminated with the standard AR-32A compatible plug.
Programmer power plug for vehicle accessory connector
Andromeda Research offers reconditioned Panasonic Toughbook computers for those who wish to purchase a complete turn-key package. Panasonic Toughbooks provide an excellent computing platform for use with a Locksmith kit. The machines come with the Andromeda Research software installed and ready to go. Toughbooks are the machine of choice for both military and law enforcement as they provide a fully functional PC in a very rugged package. (additional information)
Reconditioned Panasonic Toughbook computers
Part #ASOIC44/M8
- $229.00
This adapter supports 44 PIN SOIC flash eproms. These parts include both the 28F and 29F families of 8/16 bit devices. These parts are found in a variety of automobile ECUs including the VOLVO S60, S80, V70 and XC90 ECUs (photos). The adapter supports device sizes ranging from 1 to 16 MEG including low voltage (LV) components from any manufacturer. The adapter incorporates a high quality, positive lock clam-shell socket.
28F400 from Volvo ECU28F400 adapter for Volvo ECU
AccuTouch Probe with DMAX Interface
Part#ATPB1/DM - $169.00
The DMAX SKIM Code Reader is a common tool used by automotive locksmiths to pull codes from Chrysler vehicles. The standard connection option provided with a DMAX is the blue surface mount clip. Andromeda Research now offers an interface which allows the AccuTouch probe to be used in place of the clip. This allows for a faster, simpler connection to the eeprom part through a smaller access hole. You simply create the opening in the module, insert the probe over the device and press down. The probe alignment notch makes accurate positioning a snap.
Click here to purchase the DMAX interface only.
DMAX interface for AccuTouch probe
AccuTouch Probe with DIP BASE Interface
Part#ATPB1/DP - $159.00
The AccuTouch probe with DIP BASE Interface allows third party products, which typically provide only a clip for in-circuit support, to now use a quick-connect option for 8 pin (SOIC) surface mount serial eeproms. The DIP BASE Interface is designed to be inserted into the DIP socket on the products device transition adapter. The interface uses sturdy, narrow pins which will not distort the adapter board DIP socket.
Click here to purchase the DIP BASE Interface only.
AccuTouch probe to DIP base interface
20 MHZ CRYSTAL for Mercedes 210 820 32 26 Module
Part#XTL20 - $29.00
The Mercedes 210 820 32 26 module is based on a 68HC05X16 microcontroller with mask D53J. Parts fabricated with this photo mask have a hard coded, non-standard, communication speed. In order to force the communication speed to a standard value which allows communication, the factory crystal must be disabled. A different (20 MHZ) crystal must be soldered in its place. This is a simple operation as only one lead of the factory crystal needs to be lifted. The factory crystal does not have to be removed. The 20 MHZ crystal is removed when your work is complete and the factory crystal lead reattached. (module procedure download).
AccuTouch probe to DIP base interface